Best Quality BMW ENET Cable


The BMW ENET cable is used for F series coding in conjunction with the programming software Esys and the Psdzdata.

  • Here is what you need to know to start your journey in the coding world:

– All ENET cables are the same, you don`t need to buy the most expensive one because they all do the same thing. This however doesn`t apply to K+DCAN cables for E series coding because they are completely different.

The cable for F series is basicly an ethernet to OBD2 cable – the ethernet end for your laptop and the OBD2 side for your cars connector.


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The cable from the Amazon is the one we recommend because we tested it and it`s soldered well and never had an issue with it (5 feet lenght). It`s compatible with all BMW F series.


1. When connecting to your car through Esys, make sure you set the ignition on without starting the car. This is important because else you won`t have the option to connect through VIN (it will be greyed out under the target menu).

2. When coding make sure you place the laptop on the passenger seat or in your lap without moving around too much. If the your ethernet port is not exactly in tip top shape it could very well move or disconnect. That`s not an issue when not doing any actual coding but could be an issue when esys is writing the values on the module you`re working on. You could corrupt the module data and it`s not the most fortunate of situations. It can be fixed but I don`t think you`ll ever want to get to that point, so always pay attention to what you`re doing. The process is safe but as with anything, it also depends on the user actions.

3. When disconnecting the ethernet port don`t just pull, always press the top side to release it first.

Location of the OBD2 port where the BMW ENET cable is connected:

Most F series cars will have the OBD2 port under the dash, above the pedals.

For more information about what you need to get started and installation instructions check out out getting started page.

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