BMW INPA Download – Latest Version

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BMW INPA is the most used tool for error reading and clearing. The latest version of INPA supports both Ex series and Fx series cars. In the picture above you can see most of the chassis supported by the latest version but if you press SHIFT you will see even the older models listed so basicly this version can be used to diagnose pretty much all BMW models since the beginning until today. INPA can be downloaded from the Fiverr gig below which we recommend because it always has the latest updates and for $15 you will get all you need to run diagnostics, clear errors and code your car. Most versions available online for free are either outdated, links not working anymore or contain trojans. All you need is the K+DCAN (for E series) or ENET Cable (for F series). Download INPA Latest Version TIP: make sure to ask him to install the sp daten for you and deliver them already installed so you won`t have to install anything, it will all be just copy/paste to your c: drive UPDATE: If you only need the INPA download for diagnostics you might want to take a look at ISTAD which is much more advanced and is the dealership software. It`s simple to use and you also get schematics, service tips, module locations etc. saving a lot of time. The software can be downloaded from the same link, just ask the seller to deliver you ISTAD also because you need it. Also a big plus is the fact that it`s in full english, compared to INPA which has the inner menus in German because BMW Ag doesn`t make english data files for INPA for a long time...

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BMW ICOM A2 Diagnostic and Programming Tool

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The ICOM A2 is a great tool used for running diagnostics, error clearing and programming (coding). It can be used with the following software: BMW Esys – used for Fx series coding BMW ISPI NEXT (latest version of the dealership software suite which includes ISTAD (DIAGNOSTICS) and ISTAP(PROGRAMMING) The ICOM A2 is a tool recommended if you are taking things seriously and want an advanced fast and safe tool for all your BMW needs. It can diagnose and code all BMW chassis until now. It’s a must tool for someone who want to make money. A good tool is always a great investment and BMWs are very popular and for good reason. They’re packed with goodies that can be activated/deactivated and lots of retrofits can be done so the work never ends and the potential customers are all the owners. Even if you already have a version of RHEINGOLD that works with your ethernet or dcan cable you’re missing out a lot of stuff. The software that works with these cables is modified and usually outdated and also cannot be used for programming, ECU software updating or flashing. So if you’re interested in purchasing a quality ICOM and software here’s what you need: The Hardware ICOM A2: The Software ISPI NEXT You can purchase the ISPI NEXT latest version software to be used with the ICOM A2 for just $150 by using PayPal   With or Without Remote installation ISPI NEXT without remote instalaltion $150.00 USDISPI NEXT with remote installation $200.00 USD If you choose the remote installation option we will install everything for you on Team Viewer. The installation procedure is pretty complicated so we recommend selecting the remote installation option for the first time or it could take you a long time trying to figure everything out. What you need to use the ICOM A2 and ISPI Software: A laptop with Intel I3, I5 or I7 processor, 4GB RAM minimum and Windows 7, 8 or 10 with all the latest updates installed. After everything is set up it will be easy to use because everything will be native, no virtual machine VMWare needed. The ISPI will have offline license. ICOM A2 Firmware Update The best thing about...

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BMW Diagnostic Software

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The BMW Diagnostic Software will help you troubleshoot the problems that usually can only be fixed by the stealership and cost a lot of $$. BMW DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE: – One of them is INPA and the latest version works for both E and F series BMW`s. INPA has been around for a long time and it`s been the easiest tool to use for E series BMW vehicles. Now the latest version also has F series support added and a switching tool in order to change the connection type from STD:OBD (E series) to ENET (F series). With this software you will be able to read / erase errors of all modules, perform tests (turbo etc.), reset adaptations and view live engine data. All you need for E series diagnosis is this software and a K+DCAN BMW codingĀ  cable. You will find many sellers on amazon and ebay just make sure to contact them and ask for your car`s compatibility just to make sure the product description is not wrong. – The best and most complete with schematics and lots of tests BMW diagnostic software is called Rheingold and is the dealership original software that will work for both E and F series BMWs. It`s the best tool because it`s the most complete but it`s also very large (about 30GB). I highly recommend it because it`s in full english and it`s very easy to use, plus it has schematics and service instructions. For Rheingold we recommend a laptop with Core i3 – I5 or I7 processor and at least 4GB of RAM memory. INPA, NCS EXPERT (used for E series coding), Esys (used to F series coding) and Rheingold can be obtained as we already mentioned in the Getting Started article easy from Fiverr and it`s always up to date. For just $15 we think it`s a great deal. The link is The pack contains besides the diagnostic software, the coding software for E and F series. PS: Always check in INPA before running diagnostics if you have the two black circles ( Battery and Ignition ). That means your cable is working and you have a connection with the car. Some users reported when using the diagnostic software...

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