Coding HUD: Turn Signals, Entertainment & Telephone List

Coding HUD: Turn Signals, Entertainment & Telephone List


The HUD (head up display) is one of the features we love about these cars. The best thing is that it can be coded to show several other things like the turn signals, Entertainment options & Telephone list.


Enable Entertainment and Telephone List values:

3000 HUD_ENTERTAINMENT_ENABLE->  set to: aktiv

3000 HUD_TELEFONANRUF_ENABLE->   set to: aktiv

3000 HUD_TELEFONBUCH_ENABLE->  set to: aktiv

3000 HUD_ENTERTAINMENTLIST->  set to: aktiv

Turn Signals in HUD Enabling:

3008 HUD_PIA_BLINKER->   set to: aktiv

3000 BLINKER_HUD_ENABLE->   set to: aktiv


This works for all BMW F10 models we tested it on.

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