Coding Sport Display on Your BMW

Coding Sport Display on Your BMW


The Sports Display is a very nice feature to have for all BMW owners but sadly it hasn`t been activated on all the BMW F10 cars.  It will display the instant horse power and torque the car is using. So why wasn`t this feature activated in the first place? Well I guess BMW wanted this feature active only on the performance engines? We might never know the reason but one this is clear: It`s a cool feature but it doesn`t work on all engine types.

The Sports Display menu will appear in your iDrive Menu and if you`re lucky it will show the information it`s supposed to. I have seen vehicles with 2.0diesel engines that showed the data and cars with 3 liter engines that didn`t show it. It all comes down if the engine will transmit the needed data so good luck guys coding sports display!


As always open up Esys, Read FA, Read SVT and activate FA. Then read the coding data from HU_CIC or HU_NBT and the KOMBI module and edit the FDL to make the changes listed below.

These are the values that need to be coded / modified:

HU_CIC or HU_NBT module:

Enable Sports Displays

3000 EFF_DYN_SPORT_CID        set to: aktiv

3000 EFF_DYN_SPORT_UNIT    set to: aktiv

KOMBI module:

* To change units displayed to be ft lb and hp

3008 DREHMOMENT     set to: lb_ft (displays ft lb)

3008 LEISTUNG              set to: ps (displays hp)

I have seen cars (F01 – 7 series) where one of the values was missing and the  feature wouldn`t show up in the menu but they should be present in all BMW F10 modules.

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