Disable Active Sound Design ASD on BMW M5

Disable Active Sound Design ASD on BMW M5


While Active Sound Design might have its fans, a lot of people find it`s not needed or even bothering so they want to disable it. There are to ways to disable Active Sound Design. One is pretty invasive and is done by removing the ASD module from the trunk. While we will outline this procedure also, we recommend disabling it by coding. It`s much easier and your car will remain stock, in case you want to sell it you can always revert back to the default settings in 5 minutes.

Some people like the feeling of having your head under the hood, and the sound gets even louder when changing on Sport and Sport+ modes.

Method I – Coding

1 Connect to your car

Connect to your car

2. Choose target chassis F010

Select the chassis

3 Read FA

reading fa

4 Read SVT

Reading SVT

5 Right click on the ASD module -> “Read Coding data” then right click on the CAFD and “Edit”. Enter your PIN and edit the following parameters:

Disable Active Sound Design Values

ASD Disable Value

By changing the value to F021 you will disable to active sound design but just for testing purposes you can select other values and the engine sound will change. It`s pretty cool, right?

6 Save the changes, click back, “Activate FA” and “Code FDL”

I don`t know why BMW ever invented this module but the good thing is it can easily disabled for those who don`t like it.

This mod should work on all BMW F10 M5 cars


Method II – removing the ASD Module

ASD Removal step 1

ASD Removal step 2

ASD Removal step 3

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