Halogen to Xenon Retrofit Coding

Halogen to Xenon Retrofit Coding


I don`t know why BMW still sold in recent years cars equipped with Halogen headlights but the good thing is that those ugly yellow lights can be changed to OEM Xenon.

Warning: Although there are many companies selling aftermarket xenon solutions we can`t recommend any because they`re not street legal and you risk a lot if they`re low quality.

What you need after you`ve installed your brand new OEM Xenons in order to code them and complete the retrofit:

  1. A working and updated version of Esys ( the coding software for BMW F series cars).
  2. BMW ENET coding cable

Read here about how to obtain an updated version of Esys

You will also need to learn how to modify the FA. Check out how to modify FA

Values to be modified:

Modifications in FA:

– Add 522 (Xenon) to the FA, save the changes and write the changes in the VCM Master tab.

– Connect => Read FA (VO) => Activate FA (VO) => Read SVT (VCM) => Right-Click on FRM (the ECU itself not the underlying CAFD) => Select CODE

After completing these steps, if your wiring is correct and all the other parts like the self leveling sensors are installed correctly you should have fully functional Xenon headlights.

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