Does ESYS installation and first time start up have any affect on remapping


Does ESYS installation and first time start up have any affect on remapping
timzpresi asked 3 years ago
timzpresi replied 3 years ago

Hello I’m new to this and just about managed to get ESYS set up and running correctly days after purchasing the package from here. About to connect up to car for the first time any advice for me ? I would also like to know if I have had my car remapped by a garage, would running ESYS from my end and start making tweaks to the car have any affect on the cars remapping settings what so ever ?

1 Answers
CodingF10 Team asked ago


coding your car with Esys will not have any effect on the remap. Coding changes different things, in order to erase the remap you would have to flash the ECU (DDE or DME), basicly perform a ECU update which is completely different.

timzpresi replied 3 years ago

Thank you for reply. I have one more query at the moment. Is it possible to get some direct help with setting up enhanced blue tooth for my car as this is the only instructions in the downloads that seem a little more complex for me to understand. I’m ready change VO this to that then change something else to something and then I just get lost reading up on what’s next. Everything Elise seems pretty straight forward.

timzpresi replied 3 years ago

If I can get some one on some sort of messenger or app to walk me through setting up enhanced Bluetooth would be much appreciated

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