I need your help for remote coding of athe lane departure warning


Category: Coding QuestionsI need your help for remote coding of athe lane departure warning
Anonymous asked 5 years ago
CodingF10 Team replied 5 years ago

Have you already retrofitted it and need coding?

MML replied 5 years ago

I try to retrofit the lane departure warning on my BMW F10 but still need some help from a prof. I managed to instal the Kafas2 module and camera, made some coding into VO, FA but still not ready yet.When I push the button to activate the lane departure warning, the lines appears for one secund into cluster and a fault message is pop up on cluster as: “lane departure warning fault, check the camera based system”.Can you please help me with a remote coding?Please revert e-mail and let me know the way forward for my project.Your assistance is much appreciated.Marian

1 Answers
rogerioal asked ago

My car have the “5AC Autom. High-beam Headlights Control” option that use the camera on the mirror.
There is any way to enable the “lane departure warning” using coding? because is the same camera, right? Or I need to add some module on my car?

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