Using Esys to Change Manufacturing Date

Using Esys to Change Manufacturing Date


Zeitkriterium or manufacturing date is an important part of most retrofits that enables the use of Esys to recode a module in order to activate the retrofit.

For example some F10 models came with halogen lights and most owners want to retrofit the LCI xenon headlights for better looks and visibility. The DRL is also very weak on halogen headlights and that ruins the way the car looks compared to the xenon equipped ones.

In this tutorial we will show you how to do it step by step.

  • Connect to esys and choose your chassis

Select the chassis

  • Read FA and activate FA

Activating FA

  • Click on Save and give the file any name you wish, then click on Edit. Right click on the FA and click Calculate FP.

Apply the changes


  • Edit the Zeitkriterium value accordingly to your needs



  • Calculate FP again then save

Calculate FP

  • Go to the VCM tab, load the file and calculate FP again

Load and recalculate FP

  • Select VCM MasterĀ  and Write FA FP

Write FA FP in Esys

Now that the FA FP has been written to the car you can go ahead and recode your module by going back to the Expert Mode Coding tab, Read SVT to see the modules list, right click on the module name (Ex: FRM) and click on “Code”. Wait for the process to finish and you`re done!

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